The Must-Have Weed Accessories for Your Stash

Weed accessories in black background

Source: ASTR

Rolling the perfect joint requires skills and months of practice! You could be a natural, but making a joint would require you to own some basic accessories. If you are fond of weed, then this is the right time to invest in the must-have weed accessories. 

They say that seeds in weed is natural and it does wonders for your body. While we do not have scientific proof for that, but the breezy high is enjoyable. Let us cut to the chase and talk about the accessories you must have in your stash! 

The Basic and Must Have Weed Accessories to Own 

  1. Colored or Printed Rolling Papers/Sheets 

If you want to make things interesting for you and your gang, get some printed and colorful rolling sheets. Invest in sheets that are easy to roll and good to look at! Making pretty little joints for your gang or even smoking up with your girlfriend could be an interesting activity. Make it look good! 

  1. A Glass Blunt 

This accessory is underrated and we aren’t sure why stoners do not invest in it! Your lungs may have different capacity of taking a smoke. You could either enjoy a joint or try the glass blunt. It offers a different and surreal experience. Don’t forget that the blunts have high capacity too! 

  1. Vape Pen 

If you are shying away from the world and wish to be discreet then invest in a vape pen. These are extremely discreet and have an expensive and elite look. If James Bond were to smoke weed stylishly, he would invest in a vape pen and look super cool! 

  1. Rice Paper for Joints 

Bid adieu to wood papers and invest in rice papers for creating the perfect joint. It does not burn cleaner, but it is definitely slower. You would need to learn the art of rolling a rice paper because it is not as easy as it looks! They are delicate and thin, which makes it difficult for you to roll it at first. Once you are used to it, you will be a joint rolling champ! 

  1. Grinder 

Crushing is no longer a fun activity! When you are in your friend’s home or in a confined place, it gets easier to crush. What about public places? You can keep a grinder handy. These are portable in nature and you can easily dice the weed buds in this tool. Your hands will not get sticky and dirty! 

  1. Storage Space

Invest in a high-quality container where you can store your precious weed. Weed is not cheap, and for every stoner, it is like a piece of gold. Buy airtight container which keeps your weed fresh! A sealed jar is the best bet for those, who wish to store their weed perfectly. 

Concluding Thoughts 

You might as well invest in a stylish bong! It gives you the best experience of smoking weed. Don’t forget to get an ashtray and a lighter. These were some of the handy and portable weed accessories that you must have! 

Once you have these in your arsenal, you would not need to rely on other stoners around you. Always stay fully-equipped, mate!